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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've been to Albuquerque a number of times, and stay at the same hotel in Old Town. Why? Because of one thing: their restaurant's Blue Cornmeal Pinon Pancakes. If you've never had cornmeal pancakes of any type, you should seek them out or try making them yourself. But the pancakes at the Hotel Albuquerque surpass just about any I've sampled. This is a breakfast that falls more to the side of savory than sweet. The cornmeal base give the pancakes a heft to them, and just a bit of crisp to the edges -- almost brulee-like -- while still remaining moist. Adding the pine nuts is a welcome change from the usual standard fare toppings. In this instance, I refrain from all butter, and only sparingly use the syrup. It should serve as nothing more than an enhancer...

And while on the subject of Albuquerque and quirky... major shout out to the great folks at Grandma's K & I Diner, near downtown, but off the beaten path. As luck would have it, some production friends of mine were in town shooting an episode of a food show (that shall at this moment remain nameless), so I met up with them there.

The staff is super-friendly. The food is legit, and the portions are GINORMOUS! (maybe that's a giveaway as to what show was taping there)...

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