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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Home, Alabama

Found myself with some time for a little breakfast exploring in Montgomery, Alabama. Thanks to the wonders of the InterWeb, my search for "best breakfasts Montgomery" turned up a local favorite, Shashy's Bakery & Fine Food. Thanks to Mr. Breakfast for this recommendation!

First good sign: just about every car in the lot had an Alabama license plate. Turns out, Shashy's (eponymously named after the owner) is equal parts upscale and down home at the same time. As my waitress told me, it's been around 20 years, but it still feels like a "best kept secret" type spot, despite it's increasing popularity due to many favorable internet reviews. All this, and Shashy's bucks the trend and does not have their own web site!

The exterior and interior blend have a shabby chic appeal, their corrugated metal walls in stark, yet clever contrast to the ornate chandeliers hanging throughout the place. The tables and chairs? Decidedly diner-style. The floors and fixtures, though: prim and proper. Like I said... upscale meets down home.

Most importantly, of course, the food... served with Southern charm, and plentiful. The coffee was fresh and never got past half-empty before a friendly refill. My ham, cheese, and tomato omelette was extra-large and just right. The side of grits came to life with just a small pat of butter. A perfect way to start a day!

Too bad I'm flying out and don't have the room (luggage or stomach) to take along some of their fresh-baked goods. They all looked sinfully good.

Shashy's scores well on every level, especially if you like to eat where the locals eat...

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