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Friday, April 22, 2011

Two to Chew On...

Had the pleasure of sampling treats from 2 "grass roots" gourmands recently.  Wanted to share their info so you could check 'em out yourselves. 

The first is Simon Says Brownies.  Stacy Simon stumbled into her brownie biz in what I like to call a "happy accident."  Actually, it was Mother Nature who intervened, but check out her site to get the whole story.  Her brownies are super tasty.  I happen to like them because they remind me of brownies I'd make in my home kitchen with my kids...but with a gourmet wrinkle.  So, they're familiar and homespun, but next-level creative.  A great combo!

Also one to watch for:  Coffee Cakes from Jennifer's Kitchen .  Jennifer Korb has been working from her kitchen for years, but I think she's mined confectionery gold by focusing on these absolutely delish sweet and savories.  She has a number of different flavors; some traditional, some not so much.  Harvest Apple.  Banana Chocolate Chip.  Sour Cream Pecan.  The texture is unique.  Buttery, smooth, and crunchy all at once.  They are just dense enough to satisfy, even though you're always left wanting more.  After all, I am a firm believer in Too Much of a Good Thing Is a Good Thing!

Jennifer is a creative one, and I have it on good authority that she is developing other tastes in her kitchen as we speak, but until then, let her coffee cakes stand as her calling card.  They are certainly worthy of that...


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