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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Down With Decatur

My #1 enclave in the suburban Atlanta sprawl is Decatur. Feels like a walking city, with lots to do and see and experience in a very small footprint. Eclectic, youthful, upscale, but accessible... this is Decatur (and a great place to raise kids if ya got the dough).

My brother-in-law took us to a killer spot there on my most recent vist. Place called The Brick Store (http://www.brickstorepub.com/). Man, what a setting: tavern-like feel, all authentic, lots of nooks and crannies to look at, from the antler chandelier, to the mile-high vaulted ceilings, to the chalkboard menus of beer... and aged scotch! Sensational craft brew selection to choose from... almost too many options. The menu is dotted with Belgians, Stouts, Porters, most of them obscure (at least to me). We tasted a few, and they were all muy interesante.

Instead of a meal, I chose the "meat and cheese" tasting offering. 2 cheeses. 1 meat. Decisions, decisions... under advisement from our knowleadgable waiter, I went with Bentons Farm Country Ham for my meat selection. Aged 18 months, "proscuitto-style" from a farm in Tennessee, it was outstanding. A real farm-to-table feel. Same thing with the cheese, although 1 of the farms is decidedly far from the ATL...like across an ocean! That would be the Ivernia cheese --from Ireland. Likened to "Ireland's parmesan," it was a bit nutty, a bit salty, and a touch sweet. Great overall balance and I loved the firm texture. The second was a local yokel -- from south Georgia (outside Thomasville, to be exact). Sweet Grass Dairy Asher Blue. Robust, dense, and creamy. Good cows they got there in Georgia!

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