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Monday, April 11, 2011

Add these two to your reading list...

I've read 2 of Michael Ruhlman's books, and became an instant fan.  He is far more advanced a cook than I may ever be, but he writes from a place that I aspire to be, and I find inspiration between the common threads in his writing voice and mine.  He has blazed a trail which I am endeavoring to follow... 

Today, he posted a review of the latest in a growing pantheon of chef memoir books:  this one, by celebrated Modernist Chef Grant Achatz .  There is also mention of Gabrielle Hamilton's much-anticipated Blood, Bones, & Butter.  I could digress into mentioning that my TV show I created and am developing runs along these lines (pardon the pun) -- "What is life on the line really like?" --  save for the fact that I am a mere cook and food enthusiast, with nowhere near the skills these two chefs cum authors possess.  Nevertheless, I would still find these reads interesting because of who they are as personalities, where they've come, and how they've arrived.

Good reads if you love both ends of the food spectrum:  Achatz's "out there" creations, pushing the envelope of contemporary cuisine; and Hamilton's "back to basics" comfort food fetishes...

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