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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A New (Old) Frontier in New Mexico

Staying at a downtown hotel in Albuquerque afforded me easy access to the surroundings that make up the University of New Mexico campus.  The strip on Central is typical of a downtown, campus-supported area:  bars, cheap eats, etc.  Turns out a legendary place is smack-dab across the street from the school's main entrance. 

Frontier is the kind of place where generations and mingle easily and comfortably, any and all socio-economic and/or cultural differences set aside in favor of the honest, simple food served under the conspicuous yellow barn roof.

This spot has been so popular, in fact, that it now occupies an entire city block, having expanded over the years to engulf shops and eateries that have come and gone.

Frontier is open all day and night (5am-1am) and is apparently known for their own take on a sweet roll (appropriately named the Frontier Sweet Roll), but I was there for dinner... an authentic New Mexican dinner.  Which is why I ordered the Frontier Burrito. Now, if you've never been through New Mexico, or the Southwest in general, you've never truly experienced the beauty of the Green Chile.  It has an umami-like
quality, which is to say, there's something indescribable and unique that sets it apart from other chiles.  Hot but not fiery, it speaks to my taste buds in a way no other spicy food does.  And it's a common ingredient in EVERYTHING served in New Mexico.  Everything! 

So it was with my Frontier burrito, stuffed with beef, beans, and a green chile stew, along with the aforementioned chiles (you thought I was kidding?).  This is old-fashioned, no-frills food... and I loved how the menu has a section reserved exclusively for "New Mexican Food."  Not "Mexican," "NEW Mexican."  There is a difference.  And I tasted it in all it's simple, savory glory, at Frontier. 

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