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Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Opening Salvo, Part 2

...OK, lunch for the kids (Jason, 5; Lindsey, 3; Baby Boy (as yet unnamed) due May 23)...check. Rays game with Jason...check. Just enough time before Jason's tennis clinic to squeeze in some more blogging...
Now back to the HOD (Home Office Dad) mission statement: to boldly serve as a voice of men who have taken on increased domestic roles in their homes while still serving as the main bread-winner of the household. Never before has the cooking, cleaning, and caring been distributed as evenly between the sexes as it is today, and for many and various reasons:

  • Last generation's women's lib movement (coupled with the crappy economy) has given birth the largest-ever population of working moms,

  • The advent of the internet, and more recently, mobile devices, has made working at home a legitimate and viable option (at least part of the time), for many workers, and

  • The (over)scheduling of our children's extra-curriculars has forced many dads to get more hands on, out of necessity.

For some of us, "home office" is an oxymoron -- the two words simply contradict each other, and cannot legitimately or peacefully coexist. To wit: I know of at least two dad friends who could work full-time out of their homes, but have rented office space elsewhere... just to be out of the house!! It is not that they don't want to help out, or don't love their wives and kids. It is that the line between being at home, and being at work (in your office) is perpetually blurred. They feel that if their wives or children see them in the house (even with the office door closed!), they are still free game. Their earnings potential -- and their sanity -- hinged on this decision.

For my part, my converted closet-turned-home office continues to suffice. I do a good amount of my work there, and juggle the cooking, the kids, and whatever falls in between on any given day, with pride (if not sometimes begrudgingly). I am a true Home Office Dad...

And I know I am not alone...

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