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I love Food. Cooking it. Eating it. Experiencing it. As a result, that's what this blog has evolved into: A journal of my gastronomical journeys abroad, as well as my culinary creativity at home. I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and I'd love to hear your comments... Cheers!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Vote For Me...

It's official...I am a finalist in an online reality cooking show called "Home Cooking Star." Please visit www.homecookingstar.ning.com/group/richhollenberg to vote for my BBQ recipe!!!

Also, as an aside..the Fab 5 Hollenbergs went to see "Up" this afternoon...what a treat. Sensational. Everything Pixar does is awesome, but this may be their best effort. Tugs at the heartstrings...almost pee yourself laughing... and you can wear funny-looking glasses and watch in 3-D, like we did!

Tomorrow is my sports radio debut ... http://www.espn1040.com/ from 11a-1pm. Or you can check it out after the fact on http://www.thegameradio.com/

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