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Monday, June 29, 2009

Dining in the District

My stop in DC was a chance to spend some bonus time with my big sister and brother-in-law, who always make a great meal and serve up some terrific wine to boot, but I was lucky enough to stay at a hotel that was not only near the TV station (http://www.wusa9.com/) I was visiting, but also near some fantastic local dining.
Taking my brother-in-law, Larry's recommendation, I lunched at Rockland's Real BBQ , in Upper Georgetown. It didn't disappoint... the brisket sandwich was generously served, tender and tasty, and the juices mixed with just enough of their signature Chipotle Tamarind BBQ sauce soaked right into the fresh, roll it was piled on. I wasn't brazen enough to try to eat it as a sandwich, so I suggest using the plastic cutlery they provide (they obviously know better!). Great ambiance at Rocklands -- spittoons on the table (that's right, I said 'table' -- there's only one at this cramped space) and counter top (where I ate, providing a nice chance to people-watch the eclectic G'town residents walk by) where you can dine in, to be used for the peanut shells and/or the discarded wet naps (and there are plenty of both).
This is small, simple, no frills, authentic BBQ joint, and if the smell and look of the place don't convince you before even tasting the food, just refer to their very own wet naps they provide (a surefire hallmark of legit BBQ), with the instructions on the wrappers: "Eat Your Barbecue," and "Leave Fingerprints"... words to live by, for sure...
Onto Milwaukee... I know they have beer there, so that's a good thing..!

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