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I love Food. Cooking it. Eating it. Experiencing it. As a result, that's what this blog has evolved into: A journal of my gastronomical journeys abroad, as well as my culinary creativity at home. I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and I'd love to hear your comments... Cheers!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Headed out West...

Wrapped up my west coast swing, and can't wait to get back to my wife, my kids, my bed! Some highlights:
Waiting to hear about a callback from Discovery Channel about a role in season 2 of "Pitchmen"...
Won $50 on NFL games week 1... That's a veritable windfall for me!!
Slight disappointment: no memorable meals to speak of...
Big, classic breakfast at Du-Pars in Studio City. Famous for their hot cakes and they lived up to their rep. They came with MELTED butter along with syrup... A simple, but much-appreciated touch. Thanks to my cousin Craig for introducing me to this mainstay...
Lunch at a West LA hot spot Il Moro with my frat brother Corey. He suggested I try the artichoke salad to start -- good call Ack! Shaved parmesan on top of wonderfully marinated chopped artichokes and greens. Delish!
Then I ordered the Parma pizza. Anything from the cured or smoked pig family is a big seller for me, so the Parma ham was the clincher. Only problem was, I thought it was an individual pie... All eyes on me when the waiter placed a FULL SIZE pizza in front of me. The pie almost dwarfed the table itself!! I showed uncommon restraint in not polishing off the whole damn thing, but believe me, I was tempted, appetite be damned! The ham was shaved thin and so fresh, the mozzarella the perfect gooey consistency, and the crust so thin that the edges cracked and crumbled if I handled it too brusquely... A tremendous meal with a hip, LA vibe... thanks, Corey.
Ended my food-related journey by checking off a big item on my "food bucket list" -- a double-double from the iconic LA fast food joint, In-n-Out Burger. Savored every big bite of this burger perfection, despite having to eat and drive.
But hey -- that's LA livin', right?

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