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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Top Chef Double Vision

Well, well, well, looks like Jennifer finally has some competition. Michael I. would like you think it's him (is it just me, or does he wish his last name was Voltaggio, too?!?), but it's pretty clear it's in the form of the Volt Bros. Talk about 2 extremes...Michael with his bleached hair, tatts galore, cocksure/rock star vibe, and Bryan (love the spelling, bro, just like my boy!) with his conservative, reserved personality. Both are admirably dedicated and passionate forces to be reckoned with, regardless of their appearances, and I love how the producers make sure to iso the other brother when his sibling wins a challenge or reward...
Backtracking a bit, but Kevin may have won the Top Chef reward of a lifetime, getting to break bread with French living legends like Boulud, Keller, and Robuchon, but didn't it seem like he was stuck at the kids table at Thanksgiving? If he indeed said anything of substance, we certainly didn't get a whiff of it, aside from one meager comment. I suppose there wasn't enough oxygen in the room when you dine with the likes of those chefs in that stratosphere...
Loved seeing my friend and culinary cowboy Tim Love as the guest judge this week... so talented, and such a bright personality. Same way off the air as he is on it. My man needs his own show, and I only hope it's me who can someday deliver it to him...

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