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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Down on the Farm (Burger)

Another night, another memorable Atlanta meal. This time, it was back to Decatur to see what all the buzz was about concerning 2-month-old Farm Burger (http://www.farmburger.net/). Not too dissimilar from my previous night's meal, inasmuch as the mission statement of this place also focuses its emphasis squarely on the side of local farms and sustainable ingredients. In other words, this is not yo momma's burger joint...

Farm Burger justifies the positive press, and it's not just for the positive vibe it puts out, although that vibe is tangibile. To wit, I quote from a poster on their wall:
Farm Burger wants you to think about your burger - what it is and where it's from. Our burgers are made from 100% grassfed beef that is dry-aged for two weeks and ground daily. Our cows are raised on the sweet grasses of the southeast, and never fed antibiotics, hormones, or grain. Our menu is seasonal and sourced from local farms. Our space is convivial and comfortable - because eating is a celebration to be shared. Our food makes ethical eating easy.

To put it in more digestible terms, grassfed cows are happier cows, healthier cows, and tastier cows... sounds good to me!

The first thing I noticed when I walked in, apart from the throng that had already congregated in and around the place, was the Big Black Board. So many options, all tantalizingly tempting, spelled out in a made-to-order process. I suppose the goal is to expedite the ordering, but for me, it nearly short-circuited my hunger synapses. Do I go with a custom-made creation or order a Blackboard Burger? Gruyere or Sweetgrass Asher Blue? Decisions, decisions. Then, I spotted a burger description out of the corner of my eye: the No. 6! It called to me. I answered (on the first ring). A burger with house cured bacon, atop a sunny-side-up egg, with melted pepperjack cheese and salsa verde as the topper. Sweet potato fries on the side. This was like breakfast, lunch and dinner in my mouth all at once. What a combination! An (almost) literal melting pot of flavors. A union of taste where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. At times like this, I am inspired to near-Shakespearian bliss... Oh, how the bright yellow yolk escaped down the sides once I pressed the bun top ever so delicately on top of this creation! How the thick cut bacon was at once crunchy and chewy! How the pepperjack was melted, spicy perfection, somehow accomplishing the near-impossible, yet noble duty of keeping all the singular ingredients in place! And lastly, how the salsa verde was the final flavor profile to hit my taste buds, providing a last bit of bright, fresh taste! It was ecstasy on a bun...

It dawned on me then, after my initial frustration with not being able to taste each and every variation of Farm Burger available right then and there, full stomach be damned: that is what return trips are for. It is the journey, not the destination.

Although in this case, it's a little bit of both...

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