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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eggs-cellent Breakfast

Been goin' to the Vinoy Hotel in St. Pete ever since we bought our house in the same neighborhood. Actually got married there. Lots of good time spent at their pool and their restaurants. Food's always stellar, and their brunches are top shelf variety. This morning, we rounded up to troops to meet my folks for breakfast @ their main dining room, Marchand's, and I was treated to one of the more delicious meals I've had in a long time...

It was a Cuban riff on my favorite breakfast, Eggs Benedict. The poached egg was perfection, and it was placed lovingly atop a generous cut of mojo-infused pork belly, which was all mounted on a hunk of toasted Cuban bread. The Hollandaise had a sour cream/orange zest variation, and there was a helping of black beans mixed in for good measure. Underneath it all, some skillet fried hash browns. It was a little bit sweet to compliment the savoriness of the whole deal. I wouldn't use the word euphoric, because that would be reserved for dinners or desserts, but it was damn close, and ranks right up there with some of the finest Eggs Benedicts I've ever had.

This was creatively planned and expertly executed by the chefs and line cooks...


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