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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bravo Double Feature

My guiltiest of TV pleasures was doubled up last night... TWO Top Chef episodes in one night!
The Las Vegas season got off to a bit of a slow start for my liking, but there are definitely a few cheftestants to keep an eye on. One glaring detail that I couldn't get past, however, was the sheer volume of tatoos that adorned a seeming majority of them. You'd think LA/Miami Ink had some skin in the game. If not, they'd be smart to pony up some sponsor money for this season... Early faves in my camp: Eli, Kevin, and just because it's a twist and never been seen before, the Voltaggio brothers. Clearly Jennifer will be the Drama Queen of the season. She excelled in both challenges, and you can expect a lot of fish dishes from her, seeing as how she answers to the Ripper (Eric Ripert) in the real world.
The highlight for me, to be honest, was the judging. Kudos to my man Wolfgang Puck, who got some great pub for his restaurant Cut (gorgeous) and acquitted himself so well with his trademark charm and unmatched palette. He nailed his critiques with humor and honesty....

Now, onto the Masters Finale... this was pure eye candy for foodies like me! You couldn't have asked for a better finale, and more inspired final elimination challenge than we were treated to last night. Michael Chiarello, with his rustic Italian heritage, Rick Bayless and his 'Viva Mexico' flair, and Hubert Keller, always true to his classic French roots. The trio let it all hang out. Now that's a dinner table I would want to be at for my last meal on earth...
Each chef stayed true to his food philosphy and influences, and each delivered the goods, despite the time constraints and other hurdles. I loved sensing the genuine camaraderie between these chefs -- you could tell they all truly respected one another, and their respective places in the (celebrity) chef fraternity. From Bayless's mole (which ultimately tipped the scales in his favor), to Keller's salmon, and Chiarello's braised ribs, this was a feast for our eyes, and the judges' stomachs.
As someone who works in the TV industry, and really appreciates compelling unscripted TV, in a seas of mediocrity that exists, I say...
Bravo, Bravo!

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