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I love Food. Cooking it. Eating it. Experiencing it. As a result, that's what this blog has evolved into: A journal of my gastronomical journeys abroad, as well as my culinary creativity at home. I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and I'd love to hear your comments... Cheers!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Day in My Life..

In these days of hectic, multitasking careers maneuvers, today is one I am in the midst of that essentially defines who I am at this point...which may signal that I am bi-if not TRI-polar. Allow me to explain via a look inside my Sybil-esque BlackBerry calendar for August 12th, 2009:

1pm: TV appearance on regional sports network in Tampa Bay (http://www.bhsn.com/). Round table segment discussing the Rays, the Bucs, et al. It's the first time on this show that I'm introduced as being affiliated with ESPN/1040 radio. Pretty cool...

1:30pm: Call-in guest on local radio show, "Dining out Radio" (http://www.diningoutradio.com/) to discuss Home Cooking, and tout the Taste! Food & Wine Expo I will be hosting next May in Myrtle Beach. Introduced (via radio) to the "Love Chef" of Regis & Kelly fame. May try to work on getting him to appear at the expo next year!...

4:45pm: boarding a flight to Philadelphia (I digress...if you haven't tried it in a while or ever...try typing the word Philadelphia. For some reason it's one of my favorite words to type -- could just be because I'm a hopeless 'hunt-and-peck' pounder on the keyboard...OK, discuss!) to make my premiere appearance on QVC. It'll be a tremendous learning experience and incentive for me, to run with truly the lead dog in the pack, so to speak...

So, there you have it. Greek mythology refers to a Hydra (take that, Dennis Miller!). My three-headed monster is my career. Sports. Cooking & Food. TV shopping. All mashed and jumbled together in one day.
I often question myself,
"Do I need to focus on just one of these disciplines? Is it wise to be this diversified and/or versatile? Do I need one specialty instead of three?"
Thoughts? Comments? Observations?

I ponder these and other deep thoughts as I spend my remaining time before heading to the airport with my family...

Just another day as a Home-Office Dad...

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