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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Good to Be a "Nit-" Picker In This Case

A few things to buzz about in my adopted hometown of St. Petersburg. If you're a local, get on it! If you're looking for a place to visit... St. Pete is quickly becoming a food destination...

First up... an older place that's a new find for me. Thanks to my fellow foodie, Chris, for turning me on to Nitally's (http://www.thaifoodtogo.net/), a Thai-Mex joint that now has an established home and working hours on 25th and Central. If you like it hot... this is your kinda place! The fact thery call themselves a Thai Coffee House is more than a bit misleading. They've been doing their cultish thing @ St. Pete's Saturday Morning Market for a while, but discovering their full menu was a revelation for me. I like Thai food. I really like Mexican. But Nit & Ally (the couple -- hence, the name) combine the two and pull it off with authenticity and attitude. I loved my Panang Mole Burrito with chicken (#44), served "American Hot" (thankfully, they will custom alter the degree of hotness you prefer). The other time I had a Panang style dish was in NYC @ Fatty Crab. I blogged about that a couple of months or so ago, as it was a transcendent meal for me. This one was extremely tasty, and did no disrespect to the name, as well. Plus, the portion size was more than generous, which is always a plus for an eater like me. The thing I love about this type of food is, when done correctly, you can really pick up all the intricacies of the sweet and spicy flavors. The coconut milk, the chilis, etc. It was served with two dipping sauces: one was a terrific homemade mole sauce; the other was a sweet & spicy number that featured honey and Thai basil. I basically could've lapped up both with or without the burrito on the plate!
I dug the decor, was impressed with the extensive, affordable menu options (and beer choices!), and was psyched that at 1pm on a random Wednesday, the place was full! It heartens me to know that locals will always find a place that serves solid food, especially when it's as unique as Nitally's...

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