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Monday, August 23, 2010

Bakin' Whoopie

Had to share this will my fellow food lovers. A chef friend of mine, David Rubell, and his wife, Roxy, have an outta-this-world Whoopie Pie Company, cleverly called Baking Whoopie (http://www.bakingwhoopie.com/). Dave's got one of the more curious and interesting backgrounds I've ever heard. He's worked for Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Brown, cooked for 5 Presidents, and now is a Master Chef/Gourmet Caterer in the LA area...
Anyway, back to the pies. They're based in California, but will ship around the country! It is a confection taken to the gourmet level, using the best locally sourced ingeredients available to them. It will totally take you back to your childhood, and at the same time make you re-think the wonder of the Whoopie!
They also have a savory sensation that has taken on a life of its own: Butternut Souffle. Despite my pleadings, Dave would not give up the recipe for this one. It's been in his vault for 15+ years and he has no intention of releasing it anytime soon.... apparently, it's THAT GOOD! Its reputation precedes itself, so I would check into ordering yours early. He uses a local farmer to source the squash, and that is just one of the keys to this heavenly creation.
So, spread the word about this company and this site. You'll thank me once you taste them!!

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