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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Cheesy Birthday Celebration

Maybe it's because I had Mac & Cheese on the brain from posting Chef Jamie's recipe a coupla days ago. Or maybe it's because I wanted a meal that I knew would be popular with my wife and kids (and our friends, too)...but I went with my own version of Creamy Dreamy Mac & Cheese for my birthday dinner the other night.
I substituted the goat and blue cheese for Fontina and Gruyere, and it turned out amazingly well. The secret's in the mixture of cheeses (sharp and smooth combo -- the other 3 cheeses were white cheddar, monterey jack, and parmesan) and the panko/parmesan mixture that makes the crust on top. I made two batches, and we cleared the first one easily, dipping into the second 13x9 dish, as well. That left enough for two families to heave two helpings of leftovers!
Good times. Good food. Good family & friends (and good wine, too, in this case!). That's how memories are made...

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