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Monday, August 30, 2010

Burger Mania!!

It's been a long weekend of great eats in my world. Not the least of which is because I went to two of the best burger joints St. Pete has to offer in the span of three days.
First up was hands down my favorite to date, El Cap. This place is about 2 miles from house, and has been serving up nothing but the best down and dirty burgers for decades. It's a family run business and consistently tops everyone's lists of "Best Of"... I tend to go for the "Double" (2 patties), but the award-winner is the "World Champ," which is no more and no less your basic burger, no frills. At El Cap, you order the way you want it, and that includes, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and any other toppings you crave. They serve corn-fed Midwestern beef, and while I've been staunchly on the grass-fed beef bandwagon for a while now, it's hard to argue with this quality... I scarfed down mine, only to be outdone by my 5-year-old daughter and he friend, who each crushed a cheeseburger themselves!

Then I indulged myself and my 3 kids on Sunday with a trip to Dairy Inn. (http://www.dairyinn.com/) This place is also a few short minutes from my house (I bought my real estate strategically to be within a few miles drive of burgers, ice cream, beer and wine!), and while we didn't eat lunch, we did enjoy their signature milkshakes. Dairy Inn was one of the nation's first Dairy Queen franchises, back in the '50s, but it dropped the franchise tag and kept the good eats and drinks. They do it all at this place, but they specialize in burgers and shakes for sure. I will report back as soon as I get the chance to sample a burger there... and that will be ASAP! Regardless, the Chocolate Marshmallow Shake I slurped (with a little help from my 1-year-old son) was reason enough to keep me coming back...
And finally, a quick mention of a new blog I was turned on to just today. It comes from a fellow burger lover and blogspotter. Check out http://www.burgerconquest.blogspot.com/ for the lowdown on all things Burger... this dude Rev is a respected aficionado and his site is a wealth of entertaining information about the topic. If you wanna know the best places to grab a burger...he's your man!

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